Spiritual Domination

  • Femdom Binding Spell

    ** Extremely Limited Edition **

    Specially Consecrated on the Blood Moon Eclipse for maximum Magickal potency.  Another lunar event like that will not happen again for another 18 years! That's how rare this oil is.  I used this celestial event to open a gateway to the Chthonic underwold and funnel that energy into this oil. I've used the powers of darkness to infuse this oil to ENSLAVE you, BIND you to Me and ISOLATE you from anyone getting in the way of your servitude.  The effects of this sacred oil will leave you feeling like a PUPPET to My Will and Commands. How this oil is to be used: This oil can be used in multiple ways.  Some suggestions are:
    • Rub it on your Ajna Chakra (Third eye) and meditate on Me. Wear during Princess Worship Sessions to bind yourself to Me and My Will.
    • Slaves in My coven may anoint their ritual candles with this oil by rubbing it counterclockwise around the candle before you burn it.  This will amplify any slave rituals you do in honor of Me to an exponential degree.
    • Rub it on your cock to bind yourself to Me so that I control your sexuality.  This would be excellent for enforcing chastity as it will drive away and repel anyone who gets near your cock. It can even repel you from the desire to touch your own cock as you will suddenly feel overtaken by the desire to become a full blown eunuch.
    • Put some of it on your spouses pillow to cause a divorce or breakup.  Have you always wanted to live life as a single slave, so you could have unrestricted time serving and worshiping Me? This can also be used as a spiritual weapon that will guarantee that.

    WARNING! This is 100% Real Femdom Black Magick. Using this oil WILL enslave you. 

  • Voodoo Doll
    Become enslaved by My femdom voodoo doll spell.  I can use the Occult and Black Magick to impose My will on you. I cast this very real and dangerous femdom black magick curse to trap you into My voodoo doll.  I utilize My knowledge in hoodoo and poppet magick to bind your energy into the poppet. I then funnel My energy and intent into the doll to cause very real & permanent change in the your energetic sphere. This is for a PERSONALIZED voodoo spell to be cast upon you by the Occult Goddess, Princess Shimmy. Will your life be destroyed? Will you be cursed with impotence? Or will I choose to curse you and your addiction, making it impossible to leave the femdom world behind, forever? The possibilities are endless and all you need to do is sign the contract and send Me *something personal* that will give Me the divine power to do My evil bidding.